Community Based Rehabilitation programme for People with Disabilities was implemented by RARE from April 2011 to March 2017 with the support of Paul Hamlyn Foundation, UK for 511 People with Disabilities from Charavata, Singhari, Balikhamar, Kumbharmunda, Bramhani and Baghia Gram Panchayat under Tarva Block of Subarnapur District. And within the project period it was extended to Gudvela Block of Bolangir District.

The aim of the project was to strengthen the community based rehabilitation process of People with Disabilities and existing service delivery systems of Government.

For the follow up on livelihood action as well as create livelihood opportunities for the COVID affected Persons with Disabilities, RARE requested Paul Hamlyn Foundation to utilize the unspent amount for the income generation activities. By the approval from Paul Hamlyn Foundation the activities carried out as follows;

100 PwDs identified and supported to start income generation activities atCharavata, Singhari, Balikhamar, Kumbharmunda, Bramhani and Baghia Gram Panchayat under Tarva Block of Subarnapur District and Gambhariguda, Jamut, Biramunda, Ghuna, Gudvela, Deulgudi and Tentelkhunti GP under Gudvela Block of Bolangir District.

One day training of SHG & DPO Leaders on Craft Training was conducted at Kalyan Mandap, Gudvela. 30 members of SHG& DPO Leaders participated in the programme. 5 trainees continuing regular Paper Thunga production and provide to the local market for easy and access to Environment supported for avoiding of Polythene.

Training on “Organic Vegetable Nursery Cultivation” organised31 PwDsafter completion of the training programme 16 PwDsstarted the organic Vegetables cultivation. 7 PwDs members doing farming commercially and sold it at local market.9PwDs are utilized for their own which has help them to save their day to day expenses.

7 days training organised for 30 PwDs on goat rearing by SB RSETI Bolangir. By the training 32 PwDsstarted Goateryand they could able to manage their trade skillfully.

By convergence with NABARD, livelihood enhancement of 60 Persons with Disabilities through Agarbatti training and financial linkages in Gudvela Block under Bolangir District in the State of Odisha in Livelihood Enterprise Development Programme.

8 days training to PwDs members on Agarbatti making could able to provide an opportunity to 13 PwDs to run their business independently.


The Livelihood Initiative for Persons with Disabilities launched in the month of February 2017 in Gudvela and Tentulikhunti Grampanchayat under Gudvela Block of Bolangir district to work with the 100 families of Persons with Disabilities for their livelihood which will ultimately help them to live with independently within their own community. In the following year the project has reached 130 Persons with Disabilities of three Grampanchayats namely Gudvela, Tentulikhunti and Deulgudi& in the last year he project has reached 150 Persons with Disabilities of Four Grampanchayats namely Gudvela, Tentulikhunti and Deulgudi & Ghuna. This intervention has created lots of impact in organizing them into groups, building their capacities, linkages with Government Schemes & financial institutions and other institutions. The project “Livelihood Initiative of Persons with Disabilities Programme” is being implemented for the for year from the month of April 2020 to March 2021-2020 in Gudvela, Tentulikhunti Ghuna and Deulgudi Gram Panchayat under Gudvela Block of Bolangir district, Odisha with the financial assistance from National Foundation for India, New Delhi with 150 PwDs & their families.

Livelihood is the key component of the programme to create the opportunity for PwDs to start income generation activity. In this current year 150 PwDs and their families’ has continue to their vocation. 46 PwDs have started business with financial support by DPO federation Tarbha & NFI.

This Initiative creates an opportunity for 22 PwDs and their family member annually additional income more than INR.5000 and they have reduced their economic burden & saving of INR.170, 000.

The SHGs of PwDs has playing major role of financial inclusion services, focusing in wage & self – employment and access to loan services to start income generation activity. They are working for financial inclusion, income generation activity, rapport building with bank and filing of loan application, maintaining of their group cash book and receipt & payment voucher.

The initiative of SHG has resulted;

17 SHG of PwDs are doing internal lending

4 SHGs (Maa durga SHG, Gudvela 22,200, Jaga Balia SHG, Dungibahal 31,080, Maa Laxmi SHG, Gudvela 6,720, Samaleswari SHG Deulgudi 15,600) has already started egg whole selling and earned profit upto 76600 during April 2019 to 31st March, 2020.

5 (Maa durga SHG, Gudvela, Samaleswari SHG, Bagbahali, Maa Laxmi SHG, GudvelaSamaleswari SHG Deulgudi and Jagabalia SHG Dungibahal) SHG of PwDs has started Agarbati making earned profit up to 8,000 during April 2019 to reporting period.

22 individual SHGs Member has started Mushroom cultivation during the period and selling more than 5,000 profits.

102 individual SHG Members has started growing Kitchen Garden.

6 SHGs of PwDs trained of making Paper Thunga for easy and access to Environment supported for avoiding of Polythene during the SHG & DPO Meeting.

20 nos. SHG of PwDs maintain their case book independently and regularly

  • Livelihood Enterprise DevelopmentProgramme

Under theprogrammeAgarbatti Making for Differently Abled Persons in Gudvela Block of Bolangir District was undertaken by RARE by involving 60

PwD members from Gudvela, Deulgudi,Tentulikhunti, Biramunda and Ghuna Gram Panchayat.

8 days training in 2 batches was organized at Kalyan Mandap Gudvela. The programme was inaugurated by DDM NABARD Bolangir Sri Laxman Soy in the presence of Finance Literacy officer of SBI and Trainner Smt. Sanjukta Mishra.

In the 8 days non residential training the trainee trained on the process to prepare Agarbati Making with required materials. After completion of training the successful trainee were provided certificate which they can use for credit linkage as financial institution.