Child Rights

1. Childline 1098

CHILDLINE 1098 is a service of Ministry of Women and Child Development. CHILDLINE India Foundation is a non-government organization. CHILDLINE works for the protection of rights of all children aged from 0 to 18.

VISION: A child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children

MISSION: CHILDLINE aims to reach out to every child in need and ensure their rights and protection. Our four Cs model – Connect, Catalyze, Collaborate and Communicate – is the system that enables us to reach out to more and more children, every year.


CHILDLINE Started in Subarnapur District from 31st August 2020. So far CHILDLINE cover all 6 blocks in Saharanpur with special focus of outreach and awareness.

The CHILDLINE Inaugurated on 1stSeptember 2021, which was attended by the Superintendent of PoliceSri Debi Prasad Das, Member of Juvenile Justice Sri Chhabila Karna, District Child Protection Officer Sri Chaturbhuja Dash and founder Mr.Gourishyam Panda. The program was launched with a commitment to the CHILDLINE vision and Mission.

  1. Outreach and Awareness

CHILDLINE Subarnapur Conducted Outreach and Awareness program in all blocks of Subaranpur District. Through outreach the team does Door to door /Face

to face outreach to reach out to all section of society and our important stakeholders in the community with an intention to promote the idea of Child rights and aware people about the services provided by CHILDLINE. Till 2021, RARE have reached up to 4668 children and 2729 adults in the district through door-to-door interactions. Apart from regular outreach programs, we also organize community and

city level awareness program in form of stakeholder meetings, Wall posters and painting and rallies.

  1. Special day celebration

The CHILDLINE team celebrates every special occasion, such as Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and Children’s Day with the community and with participation of the stakeholders as a platform for all to assemble and discuss on prevalent child related issues and how can we address is effectively by collaborating. We have build rapport with our stakeholders like Sarpanch, Ward members,

Anganwadi worker, ASHA, Police, etc to assist CHILDLINE team in identifying Child related malpractice or mishaps. CHILDLINE also celebrated district level International Human Rights Day on 10th of December, 2020 in presence of our founder, Mr. Gourishyam Panda, Board members of RARE and DSP Sri Ananda Bardhan Guru. Such event presents us with an opportunity to boost our collaboration with district administration.

  1. Programme at Districtlevel:

On 2nd December, 2020, a district level sharing meeting with the line department official was organized by CHILDLINE Subarnpur at DRDA Conference Hall. The meeting was attended by DSP Sri Ananda Bardhan Guru, DCPO, Mr. Chaturbhuja Das, JJB Member, Mr. Chhabila Karna, our DLO, Mr. Dileswar Khakha and CWC chairperson, Mr.Himanshu Bhusan Nayak. The CHILDLINE Team shared its experience with the guests collaborative plan draw with district administration. During the meeting the leaflet and Books on CHILD RIGHTS was launched for the larger awareness of general public.

On 25th December 2020, we observed “India Against Child Abuse” program at Subarnapur. The

program was attended by the State convenor of Jana swathyaAbhiyan, Mr. Gauranga Mahapatra, our DCPO, Mr. Chaturbhuja Das, CWC Chairperson, and Mr. Himashu Bhusan nayak, Director CHILDLINE, Mr. Ananga Negi and other board members of RARE, Subarnapur. During the program, we discussed about various forms of Child abuses and how can CHILDLINE intervene in such cases. We also got support from DCPO

and CWC on organizing awareness program in Subarnapur city on Child abuse.

On 23rd February, 2021, District level Child Protection Committee meeting was held in Subarnapur under the chairmanship of Mr. Surya Narayan Dash, ADM, Subarnapur. The objective of the meeting was on prevention of Child marriage and sponsorship of vulnerable children without guardians. During the meeting, CHILDLINE Team shared its achievements throughout the year and discussion was held on outstanding issues like collaboration among CHILDLINE, CWC, and other stakeholders like Anganwadi workers, and PRI Members.

4. Block Level Meetings/ Program

On 22nd January, 2021Block Level Shishu Samparka Yatra was held at Bhim Bhoi Kalyan Mandap, Khaliapali by CWC, Subarnapur in which CHILDLINE was also invited. During the event a child production camp was held in which CNCP child were produced.

5. Training Programs

Just after the initiation of the programme Numbers of Training programme was organised for CHILDLINE Team to under the Child Rights and related laws. The training programme was organised by virtual mode on UNCRC, major legislations like Juvenile Justice Act, POCSO, Child Marriage Act, Child Labour Act, Standard Operational Procedure of case follow up, call operating procedure etc.

6. CaseInterventions

In the financial year 21cases intervened out of that 9 cases related to Children facing medical issues, 6 cases related to Sponsorship and shelter for children without guardians, one missing Child Case and 5 other cases . Apart from these interventions, CHILDLINE also intervened 28 cases involving Child abuse, such as Child Marriage, Child Labour and forced Beggary. CHILDLINE team has prevented 22 Child marriages and rescued 6 children

from forced Child labour. 25 children produced before CWC, Subarnapur for safe rehabilitation.

7. CHILDLINE Se Dosti Program

CHILDLINE Subarnapur organized CHILDLINE se Dosti week from 14.11.20 to 21.11.20. The

objective of the programme was to aware the children about their Rights with full Fun and Joyful environment. The program was observed from and during this period CHILDLINE Team visited children groups in communities and organised various playful competitions like Drawing, Song, Music Chair, and Quiz. On the sidelines of the events, it was also spread awareness on Child rights and CHILDLINE services, including our toll free no. “1098”.

8. Covid Awareness Program

During the lockdown period, we launched our covid awareness program to sensitize children and community on covid appropriate behavior like social distancing, hand washing and use of mask and gloves. As a part of our program, we also took on the various myths and misinformation related to COVID-19 such as witchcraft. In this regard we prepared and distributed pamphlets and leaflets, conducted hand washing mock drills and run special awareness on balance diet, e.g. “Tiranga Bhojan”. in 46villages in 6 blocks. As a part of our program we also distributed about 1985 number of Covid relief package that included, facial masks.

9. Psycho Social SupportActivities:

The purpose of the Psycho social activities is to provide parents, caregivers, support persons, and children and adolescent themselves, a tool that will enable them to understand on COVID-19 and the prevention process, help children for stress, fear and anxiety management. The activities designed for two different age cohorts: 6 to 10, and 11 to 19. Through the “Drawing your covid heroes”,” sharing of Daily diary”, “telling about your buddy” 378 children and adolescents from 26 villages of 6 blocks reached.

It has been a continuous effort of CHILDLINE team for immediate response and rescue of child at risk.

2. Alternative Forms of Care and Support Programme for Children without Parental Care and Other Vulnerable Children

The “Alternative forms of Care and support programme for children without parental care and other vulnerable children” has launched in the month of May 2013 with the support from the Stichting Kindpostzegels Nederland. The programme is directly working with children living without adequate parental Care and other vulnerable children at the Grampanchayat with an approach ensure that children in need of care and protection have opportunities and access to services that help them to exercise their rights to survival, development, protection and participation as well as full participation in a family-based care and community. At present the programme is continuing as “Child centered family focus programme” with community based approach. Currently the programme is being implemented intensively in eight Grampanchayats namely Rengali, Chhakormal, Lachhipur, Khaliapali, Mayurudan and Mallikmunda under Sonepur Block of Subarnapur District and Gudvela and Deulgudi Gram Panchayat under Gudvela Block of Bolangir District in the State of Odisha. In the year 2020- 2021 the RARE is directly working with 103 vulnerable families and their children in need of care & protection especially children without parental care, orphan and other vulnerable children. The programme has worked to improve the socio-economic status of the supported families and children with regard to care and protection at family, institution (AWC/School) and community engaging the community actively in the entire process of the programme. It is the one of the key values of the programme which we are practicing that not to refer the directly target children and their families as the receivers of service rather consider and actively involve them as the partners of the programme.

Key Achievements
  • 207 children from103 families are regular supported as per the need based plan and their health, education, protection and nutrition and skilled health care have been ensured.
  • 17 children from 13 vulnerable families identified and supported periodically to ensure their higher education based on care plan.
  • The participation of 878 members has ensured in Child Protection Committee to prepare the integrated child protection Plan.
  • 28 VLCPC and 7 GPLCPC aware on the role and responsibility which resulted to resolve the child protection related issues of the village and the child marriage prohibited in the area fully.
  • 7 numbers of Caregivers Association formed and strengthened in 8 GP.46 caregivers supported 4000 to 7000 (In terms of Kind) each to start income generation activities. All the families arerunning trade like; tailoring, goat farming, dairy farming, grocery shop, Tiffin shop, bamboo craft, poultry, vegetable cultivation etc. By result the families have an additional annual earning of INR 4000/- to INR 6500/- excluding the family need.
  • Caregiver training on skillful parenting of 123 families has been conducted in 4 units at Gudvela& Sonepur. The caregivers acquired knowledge on parenting skills and resulted in building parent-children relationship, participation of children in household activities, positive behavioral changes in family towards children, giving adequate importance & attention to children in families, regular interaction with children in the families. On other hand this training has contributed that the parent has spent more for the children’s education & health.
  • Boost the knowledge on different Govt. Schemes of implementing in village to Block & District level and linked with 68 widow pension, 45 PMAY, 27 National family death benefit, 81 IHHL, 5 Nutrition Garden,3 Unmarried Pension.
  • 4 numbers of One day workshops against child marriage with caregivers has been organized in 8 Gram Panchayat of Sonepur and Gudvela Block. The caregivers learned on the basics like: age group, reason, physical and mental bad impact of child marriage and punishment provision as per the Act, 2006.
  • 2 training conducted on Goatry and Dairy farming for the caregivers for enhancement of their livelihood. The caregivers aware on the advantage of goat and dairy farming also aware on the government scheme on farming and animal husbandry.
  • 28nos. of meeting of Gram Panchayat level care givers association meeting has been organized during the financial year. 103 Caregivers participated in that meeting from 8 Gram Panchayat. During the meeting aware on Corona disease and its precaution, Sanitation and health of children, strategy of children’s education, CHILDLINE, proposed for regular discussion with children regarding the study and health, follow up the livelihood initiative done by the care givers.
  • 90 numbers of children club meeting, 68 numbers of adolescent boy club meeting, 105 numbers of adolescent girls’ club meeting, 70 number of VLCPC meeting conducted after relaxation of pandemic COVID 19 lockdown by Odisha Govt. 152 physical home visit done by the entire team members of ACC programme staff. During this meeting and home visit RARE’s team make aware on COVID-19 and its precaution. Encouraged the home study of children during Pandemic covid, health and hygiene care, prepared individual plan of children and his family, oriented about prevention of child marriage, child sexual abuse and different forms of domestic violence.
  • 6 numbers of training has been conducted for VLCPC members and 156 VLCPC members oriented about the ill effect of child marriage and legal provisions and identification of CNCP children and linkages with Govt. schemes also oriented about the legal provision of POCSO Act and 6 numbers of training for children club leaders has been conducted on prevention of child marriage and POCSO and326 Children club leaders oriented about the ill effect of child marriage, gender disparity, and the legal provision of POCSO Act.
  • 2 numbers of block level consultations on prevention of child marriage has been conducted in Tarbha and Dunguripali block of Subarnanpur Block. 103 numbers of participants from Block representatives, members of BLCPC, ICDS workers, all Sarpanch of Block and stakeholders like tents house owner, manager of band party, DJ party, owner of printing press, social leader and priest were participated in the programme. CDPO was the convener of the consultation programme. All the participants aware on the legal provisions of child marriage, prepare the block level child marriage prevention strategy and action plan for next year.
  • 3 numbers of training has been conducted at Gudvela and Sonepur on Adolescent Health Care prohibition of child marriage and their role in child protection committee. The AWW, ASHA and ANM workers oriented about the ill effect of child marriage, legal provisions of child marriage, and their role in child protection committee. Also they oriented about the adolescent health. It is also shared that presently children are need of adequate care and support from their caregivers. The AWWs and ASHAs are referring the Children to Child Welfare Committee members.
  • Two consultation meeting has been organized with the adolescent club members on life skill and career Plan setting. Adolescent boys and girls participated in the consultation. In the training the discussion was about how to build up their carrier after the regular education. For the training Personnel from Industrial Training Institute, District Industries Centre, Education Department, Media Representative, Police personnel, health department, District administration, Child welfare committee, District child protection unit were present in the training and discussed briefly on the scope and opportunity
  • District level consultation with line department and other stakeholders has resulted to prepare strategic plan to reduce child marriage from the district.
  • The visit of District Taskforce on Alternative Child Care members has suggested for the better

Rehabilitation of vulnerable children. It has impacted on the redressal of grievance related to children.

Though the year was so much challenging to organize maximum number of activities to draw better result still it was possible to some extent due to the support, guidance and cooperation of District Administration and SKN team.

3. Destination Unknown Campaign

Based on the request of returnee migrant and young girls regarding the support them for pandemic COVID 19, RARE requested to CARD to extend support for the returnee migrant and young and adolescent girls and we are grateful to CARD and TDH that they have responded the request and extended the support of INR 10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand) to provide sanitize item to the target group.

As confirmed by CARD we identified more than 100 adolescent and young people from Gandpali and Kudharikata under Sahala Gram Panchayat of Dunguripali Block of Subarnapur District.

Involving the adolescent and young people awareness made on corona as precaution and better coping skill.

The following items were provided to the adolescent and young people;

Sl. No.ItemQuantity
3Sanitary Napkin70
4Hand wash92

During the distribution of item the AWW, ASHA and Outreach worker cum I/CPONIC of District

Child Protection Unit, Subarnapur Sri ThabiraKalse were present and distributed the material. In the programme 92 adolescent and young people i.e. 22 boys and 70 girls provide the support item. From RARE General Secretary cum CEO Sri Ananga Negi, DU Campaign Coordinator Sri Sushanta Sa, Menstrual Hygiene Management facilitator Miss SilpanjaliTirkey,

Miss Anandini Sandha and Youth Leader Sunil Sahoo was present.

We the team at RARE along with the adolescent and young people of Gandpali and Kudharikata extending our heartiest gratitude to CARD and TDH for the timely support.


The timely support of Staff Member of RARE, Individual Contribution of Individual, CARD Bhubaneswar and TDH has not only ensured the food security of the family but it has also extended psychological support to the supported families. For this support the needy family, returnee migrant family and adolescent have expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Donor.