Research Academy for Rural Enrichment (RARE) has come into existence in the year 1993 when a group of people representing different rural VOs, NGOs, Intellectuals, Developmental Activists, Experts, and Professionals joined together with a common vision for the development of their underdeveloped area.

The RARE, Sonepur is a Humanitarian and Right based NGO working with multi-dimensional activities for the development process of communities. We aim at the development of people by strengthening the self-help character through a process of empowerment.

For the socio-economic empowerment of the people and to enrich the quality of the rural citizen through research action, reorganizing and reorienting their social system is the main thrust area of work. People’s participation is the key strategy of our every action and program implementation.

RARE undertakes all of its activities with active and just participation of the stakeholders with effective coordination, monitoring, and evaluation.

Through a process of networking and coordination, training, information, and experience sharing with people from rural VOs/NGOs and other concerns at every level, we are working to attain the above set of goals and objectives.

With the contribution of the Experts and Professionals, a team of dedicated workers is engaged wholeheartedly to share the responsibility to be a part of the process of development of the underdeveloped area.